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Babua Pahari



we composed new songs and will be back on stage from 2019*

... and soon in your beautiful place!!! :)

31.May Concert @ the Medicinecircle-Meeting, Müritz


June Concert @ the Indian Embassy, Berlin
4.August - Summer im Park @ Körnerpark, Berlin
Oktober - Main Band at the Durga Puja Festival, Berlin
November - House Concert @ Incognito, Berlin
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Music Video! we produced a beautiful Mother-song-Video
Babua Pahari borned a second baby-boy ;)
His name is after the moon, he is called Shashi
21.June "Fete de la Musique", Hannover (sponsored by Indian Embassy)
20.June the Indian Embassy, Berlin
9.June Lieschen Müller, Berlin
27.Mai Cafe Tasso, Berlin
13.Mai Arcanoa bar, Berlin
30.April a private wedding party, Berlin
26.March Cafe Lyrik, Berlin

20.Februar Shangl Hangl, Berlin

17.February Galatea Wine Bar, Berlin

6.February Koffer, Berlin

4.February Cafe Tiramisu, Berlin

10.January Körnerpark, Berlin

2.January Hotel Spitzmühle, Strausberg, Berlin


5.December the new great Shangl Hangl, Berlin (with Tarab Trio)

25.Juli Cafe Tasso, Berlin
3.Juli Art-gerecht, Berlin

21.Juni Fete de la musique, Kallasch&, Berlin

14.Juni Zimmer 16, Berlin,

7.Juni Koffer Bar, Berlin,

30.Mai Schiefe Bahn, Berlin,

22.Mai Nomad Chai, Berlin,

16.Mai Not only Jazz, Berlin

14.Mai Woanderst Bar, Berlin

8.Mai Cafe Ufer, Berlin

11.April Galatea Wine & Music, Berlin
20.Feb Nomad Chai, Berlin
4.Feb Koffer Bar, Berlin


24.Nov Batura Indisches Restaurant, Berlin

22.Nov Wohnzimmerkonzert Fuldastr.7, Berlin

15.Nov Yoga Kreuzberg, Berlin  

12.Okt Cafe Kotti, Berlin

10.Okt Nomad Chai, Berlin

22.Aug Koffer Bar, Berlin

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