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Indian fusion music
Consisting of members from India, Germany, Canada, and the United States, Ananda Dhara is a project that gives musicians of different schools a place to communicate and create together.  Ananda Dhara plays a mixture of vocal folk songs, and instrumental pieces. This includes their renditions of Bengali folk songs and Northern Indian classical pieces, as well as original work.  The core instruments are bansuri, harmonium, guitar, bass, and drums, and are often accompanied by tabla, didgeridoo, banjo, or other percussion. Regardless of what they are playing Ananda Dhara allows the voices of their members to shine through, seamlessly melding its Indian influences with Rock, Jazz, and Blues.
The group began when Indian flute player Babua Pahari sought collaborators to experiment with new combinations of musicians with diverse talents and interests, it resulted in Devon Elaschuk (Canada) bringing with him his gift for background in jazz guitar. Soon to follow were Martin Telir (Austria) whose musical styles are diverse and centered on rock and funk, he is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who predominately plays bass in the context of Ananda Dhara. Most recent member to join Ananda Dhara is Nathan Terry (N.C. USA) who plays drums and keyboards and rhythmic interests lay more on the funk and hip-hop area of the musical spectrum.


We are playing mostly in a constellation of 5 members (E-Guitar, Base Guitar, Drums, Indian Flute, Voice) Sometimes we have guest musicians.

"ananda dhara" = "flow of happiness"

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